The Starke County Historical Society is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization and is operated by unpaid volunteers, officers and directors.

If historical articles about families and communities inspire you, you’ll be interested in our organization. Become a member of the Historical Society to learn about and help preserve the history that makes us more interesting. Your thoughtful contribution enables the Starke County Historical Society to continue preserving our heritage in our museum, as well as this web site.

Beyond membership, there are several ways that you can help.

  • Volunteer work:  we have many volunteer opportunities...whatever your interests, we welcome your help with our ongoing projects.

  • Memorial Contribution: remember a loved one with a contribution in their name.

  • Estate Planning: simple bequests, gift annuities, charitable trusts and as a life insurance beneficiary.

  • Endowment: The Starke County Historical Society has an endowment fund managed by the Starke County Community Foundation.

For more information about contributing to the Starke County Historical Society, use the "Contact Us"  link on this website or call 574-772-SCHC (574-772-7242).

Your consideration is deeply appreciated.