Would you like to support the preservation of local history by becoming a member?

The museum is operated by unpaid volunteers, officers and directors. Membership dues go directly toward keeping the museum open for the benefit of young and old alike with an interest in our county’s rich heritage.

The Society’s membership has been growing since 1974, when the Starke County Historical Society was formed.  

In addition to the towns in Starke County, we have members in other counties in Indiana and dozens of members across 20 states.  Some have lived in Starke County, some have family in Starke County and some are interested in the historical material that we have to offer.

Annual Membership Dues

Individual                                                                   $15.00

Husband & Wife                                                        $20.00

Family (includes minor children in the home)     $25.00

Starke County Historical Society

1520 S Heaton Street

Knox, Indiana 46534

574-772-SCHC  (574-772-7242)