1950's Office

At the Starke County History Center, a 1950’s office setting has been recreated.  

There were no computers at that time, so a typical office included multiple machines.  The SCHC’s office includes many with local connections.  One essential of any office was a typewriter.  Shown here is a standard for the time - a (non-electric) Smith-Corona typewriter .  On the desk is a Burrough’s adding machine of 1940’s, donated to the museum by the Knox mayor’s office.  Being able to create mailing labels was important.  A label maker from Dr. DeNaut’s office is also in the exhibit.  And of course, to communicate the office would have a state-of-the-art rotary dial phone...no need for an operator by the 1950’s.  

While many offices were fairly plain, ours is decorated  with pictures by Nora Wilson, a local artist.  Stop to visit and you can find many period details.